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Bloom Time

And just like that the flowers are beginning to pour in. There is a great deal of anticipation and sometimes doubt that goes into planting a production style garden. Will the seeds germinate? Will the soil provide enough nutrients to feed the plants? Will the rain come? Is the fence working to keep the deer from getting in? Every day for what seems like months, we have been walking out to the garden to check the progress of the plants that we started from seed in the greenhouse and hand transplanted out into the beds. And every day, with the help of the sunshine and rain, the plants have grown little by little. So now the time has come to harvest from our first garden here at our new place and we couldn't be more proud, excited and hopeful. Its early June and these are the things we are harvesting...

- Kale, snow peas, sunflowers, zinnias, shiso, squash, cucumbers, dill, basil, euphorbia, ageratum, cosmos and celosia.

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