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When the Lord opens the door, you must walk through.

Even with your knees shaking and your heart thumping, sometimes you just have to trust and walk. This was the case for me last weekend. I had the pleasure of speaking to a crowd about one of my absolute favorite things, cutting and arranging flowers from the garden and landscape. Even though speaking on this topic comes easily to me, I still questioned myself before accepting the invitation. Do I really know what I'm talking about? Does anyone want to hear what I have to say? Who am I to speak on such a topic as this? All of these thoughts of fear and doubt crippled me for a moment before I remembered something very important. I am equipped with the armor of God. Fear and doubt do not come from the Lord and if he is opening the door, he will be by my side to see his providence through. And boy was he there! As it turns out, I got more out of this day than I gave to others in the way of inspiration and encouragement. And I'm guessing that's exactly what God had planned all along. So once again, he has proven to me that as long as I keep doing the walking, he will continue to lead me to the next best place where I can know him better and testify on his behalf. Amen to that!

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